James Clark

I had the privilege to Coach this young man when he was just starting to tap into his potential. James became a force to be reckoned with on the track. His prep 100 (10.48) and 200 (21.43) meter times were not only some of the fastest in the state, but in the country. Currently, he uses his speed playing wide receiver for the Ohio State Buckeyes and was a member of the 2014 national championship team. – Coach Robinson

“For me to take the next step in my Track and Field career from a good sprinter to a great one I needed a higher level of coaching. When Coach Robinson stepped in my sophomore season he revealed a brand new and more complex method of training that I needed. He helped make corrections in my techniques and added more endurance runs, which helped me improve my sprinting times and made me a better runner overall. As much emphasis as Coach Robinson put on coming to practice and giving my best effort, he was even more concerned of the habits I had off the track that would keep me healthy and full of energy, such as sleep and a well-balanced diet. It was a higher level of coaching and discipline that I had not been used to. The longer runs in practice and the altering of my technique were very difficult for me and it was a struggle every day. However, I will always remember that Coach Robinson was always there supporting me every day through the good days and bad days. He saw something greater in me that I did not see at the time. A few years later I look back at the success I did have in track and realize that it may not have been possible without him.” – James Clark

James Clark            Run My Best

Shane R             2017-nyc-marathon-medal-2017

“I had known of Coach Robinson at Run My Best from seeing and talking to him over the past few years at local running events. I would often stop and speak with him at his running booth. I could tell right off he had a passion for helping people achieve goals. He was always open to questions and helping me even before becoming my running coach. That is why I decided to ask Coach Robinson to help prepare me for the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon. This would be my second marathon, and if the first taught me anything, it was that I needed a coach. I am 47 years old, so my biggest focus would be injury prevention. During the first quarter of my training, I developed a foot problem that slowed us down a bit, but through Coach Robinson’s guidance, I was able to overcome that injury. Coach Robinson’s CAP running drills also greatly enhanced my form and running efficiency, which in turn, also helped prevent injuries. I learned how to build my mileage up and I was made aware of problems/obstacles that would start to crop up as training got more intense. He helped tune my body by scheduling runs of both distance and speed throughout the week. He also helped me by getting my mind psychologically prepared. On race day it turned out to be cool, but very wet and I was still able to finish with a respectable time. In the time before, during, and after the race, I had absolutely no aches or pains other than the normal after race soreness. I was back running within a week. I would recommend Coach Robinson at Run My Best to anyone that needs a professional running coach.” -Shane R

Tim M

“Two years ago I got the crazy notion in my head that at the age of 44 I’d take up long distance running. At the time I thought maybe, maybe I’d be able to do a 5k. After three months of developing a routine from what I learned on the internet and saw on YouTube I was running a 5k everyday. I thought I didn’t have any limits. But then I hurt myself and it took three months to recover from my injury. So when I began running again I resolved to seek expert advice from someone that could work with me personally. That could observe me running. That could be a detective of sorts in helping me figure out why different parts of my body were so prone to getting hurt. That’s when I found out that one of my fellow teachers at school used to run track in college and was starting a program coaching runners. I’m speaking of Brendan Robinson. On my own I had managed to complete a half marathon and I caught a fever for running a whole marathon. But I had some doubts about whether I could do it on my own. After I had a consultation with Coach Robinson I grew more confident that with advice and guidance from someone with his background I could go the whole distance. He analyzed my stride. He gave me exercises to do that made me strong in places where I was weak. He taught me how to use a foam roller correctly and strengthen my core muscles. In the mornings when I’d get dressed for the day I began noticing my midsection getting a strong, cut look to it. My wife thought that was a nice perk. When the increased distances I was running resulted in strains or excessive soreness Coach Robinson knew what changes I needed to make so that I could go farther. He personalized my exercise schedule to accommodate periods when I had limited time  to run due to work and travel. Coach Robinson put together a winning game plan and I successfully ran my first marathon after training with him for five months. I now plan to continue practicing what I learned from him and run a marathon every year!”

Thank You Coach Robinson,
-Tim M


Megan R

“Coach Robinson is a great coach. Every race under his guidance, I attained a personal record. My form was always my biggest struggle and he would frequently remind me of the importance of having correct form. From running more efficiently I saw dramatic improvement. Also, having a coach who is physically able to do what he is asking from his athletes, helped motivate me. This sport is not only physically demanding, but mentally exhausting. Having a source of encouragement is essential and Coach Robinson provided that verbal praise at every race and practice. I can attest to Coach Robinson being largely responsible for my successes because of his outstanding coaching ability.”


Raquel M

“From proper form to injury prevention, Coach Robinson made sure I got the training that met my needs and helped encourage me to give 100%. Coach Robinson’s detailed explanations on what he wanted to see and the reasoning behind it made me see the benefits of the sport, which pushed me to be a better runner.”


Jordan H

“Coach Robinson was a fantastic coach for me. He gave me all the information I needed to know, corrected my form, and was always passionate about the sport. He was there for all my races, encouraging me to give the best I had. I definitely improved under his guidance, going from a mediocre 6 minute mile on the track to my PR of 4:52, something I am still proud of. I probably wouldn’t have been able to perform so well without a coach like Coach Robinson.”