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CAP Running Form

Dr. Cipressi, a Doctor of Physical Therapy emphasizes: “I endorse Coach Robinson as an elite running mentor because he is invested in seeing his clients reach their personal training and running goals.  He has great knowledge of ergonomics and kinesiology and the passion to apply evidence-based training strategies.  Coach Robinson addresses his clients’ running posture, focuses on injury prevention, and conditions them not only physically, but mentally, recognizing the mind/body connection. His commitment to a holistic approach is demonstrated in his videos and other online materials and in his interactions with his clients.”

*Initial Consultation: $89.95/one time

The initial consultation includes a review of the athlete’s personal fitness and running history. In addition, the consultation develops both short- and long-term goals and an overall discussion of a suitable training and injury-prevention program for the athlete.  Personal fitness indicator, pacing chart, time management scheduling tips, and goals are all included in the written initial consultation.


*General Coaching: $59.95/per month

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The general coaching includes once a week coaching either by phone (max 30 min per week), email (max 5 per month) for objective feedback, motivation and monitoring of his or her training. Also included is a 4-week written training schedule and one monthly evaluation to assess the progress of the athlete (evaluation is included in the monthly fee). In addition, clients will be provided with time management strategies,  mental preparation, and race consultation.  Furthermore, clients will have access to educational videos and literature on CAP running form drills, dynamic and static stretching routine, foam roller exercises, and core exercises. (Try risk-free for 14 days, just pay the initial consultation fee upon sign-up.)

Package Deals:


 Silver package: 6 month program (Try risk-free for 14 days, initial consultation discounted 50% for a total savings of  $45.00.) *Excellent value with noticeable results.

Gold MedallionGold package: 12 month program (Try risk-free for 14 days, initial consultation discounted 50%, and the 12th month is free for a total savings of $105.00) *Our most affordable and popular package.       


CAP Running Form Booklet: $4.95

CAP Running Form Online Analysis: $9.95

CAP Running Form Clinic (need a minimum of 10 runners to host a clinic): $5.00 per runner 

*Additional Coaching: $39.95/per hour

(Both online and in person coaching is available–please note that transportation cost may be applied to the hourly rate) 

Want even more? Additional coaching may include supplemental coaching for accelerated and rehab training.


Interested in attending a clinic or running with a training group and live in the Daytona Beach/Central Florida area?

Clinics and training groups are forming now.  Please inquire upon sign up to find the right clinic and training group for you.


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