Selecting a running coach that meets your needs is an important step to achieving your personal best. Three main factors to consider when selecting a coach are:

  • An individualized training plan
  • A supportive coach who knows that running is as much about motivation as it is about physical training
  • An affordable program

A “one size fits all” approach does not work for runners. Each runner is different and should be coached as such. The training plan I offer is tailored to meet each individual’s needs. Every work out and run is designed with a purpose in mind. Careful considerations are made when formulating goals, monitoring progress, and adapting training if necessary in response to changes.

Caring for the progress of each individual is paramount for me as a coach. Likewise, my runners are motivated by knowing that their coach cares about their development. Runners don’t run personal records in every race. Adversity is something that all runners encounter over time, and when this happens, runners need a coach who encourages and believes in them.

Cost can be a barrier that limits runners from seeking professional coaching guidance. There is no question that everyone can benefit from good coaching, but this sometimes comes at a price that doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. The services I provide not only rival other, more costly programs, but do so at a lower cost and better value for my clients.

-Coach Robinson